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Skilled Nursing

St. Xavier Home Care Services Inc Registered Nurses provide skilled nursing at home to patients who require the professional care of a Registered Nurse in order to assess, manage, observe, and evaluate their care. Skilled nursing must be intermittent (not require continuous care), and must not be able to be provided by nonprofessional staff. Skilled nursing should either improve the patient’s condition, or prevent it from worsening.

Home Health Aide

St. Xavier Home Care Services ensure that each patient has an aide who they feel comfortable with. St. Xavier Home Care Services perform background checks, provide ongoing training and competency evaluations, and ensure that all Home Health Aides have certificates in accordance with Department of Health regulation. Our agency strives to service all patients according to the needs assessed by our Registered nurses and Physical Therapists. A MD must order Home Health aide services, and a Registered nurse or Therapist must develop a plan of care that states the duties to be performed for, or with the patient and how often. Below are some of the duties a Home Health Aide can perform.

Personal Care Aides

Personal Care Aids help the patients with a variety of personal care tasks, such as bathing. All the work is executed in the comfort of the patient’s home and our aids gladly do chores in addition to offering companion care. Long-term policies are available as are nontherapeutic services, such as light housekeeping and grocery shopping.

Children's HCBS

  • Planned Respite.
  • Prevocational Services.
  • Supported employment.
  • Community Self advocacy Training Support.
  • Care giver Family Support and Services.
  • Serving medically fragile population.


The Nursing Home Transition and Diversion {NHTD):

  • (NHTD) Medicaid waiver is a Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) program. The NHTD waiver provides services to assist individuals with disabilities, and seniors, toward successful inclusion in the community. Waiver participants may come from a nursing facility or other institution (transition) or choose to participate in the waiver to prevent institutionalization (diversion). Waiver services are provided when informal supports, local, state, and other federally funded services are not sufficient to assure the health and welfare of the individual in the community.

CFTSS Services

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR):

  • - PSR services are designed to restore, rehabilitate, and support a child's/youth developmentally appropriate functioning as necessary for the integration of the child/youth as an active and productive member of their family and community with the goal of achieving minimal on-going professional intervention. PSR services are to be recommended by a licensed practitioner and as part of a treatment plan
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