About Us

"May Every Life Have Peace"

St. Xavier Home Care Services is an up to date, innovative Health service that delivers comprehensive health services and products for you as our distinguished patients, from the moment you and your family walk into our office. We will assure our patients experience the pleasant and seamless atmosphere on your visit. Our office is proudly capable of exercising caution and professionalism, beside fulfilling our patients’ needs and/ or prescriptions.

At St. Xavier Home Care Services, we are avid in providing the most needed care that our patients deserve. Our staff are enthusiastic and passionate in developing a long-term relationship with you and your family. We are here to maintain our patients’ medical needs, by maintaining their health records, prescriptions, medical products, and visits properly. Most significantly, we keep our patients’ best interests at heart, and our staff practise their expertise to make progressive recommendations regarding our patients’ health.

St. Xavier Home Care Services organize our reputable and amicable staff to assure you and your family with the appropriate care, without forgetting the necessity of service quality. Please visit us and try our personalized health care in a responsive environment you deserve.

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